Beagle Channel in the Patagonia

Beagle Channel in the Patagonia



This is the starting point of a great journey we will take together!

Spanish America covers a vast expanse in both North and South America. 

Sadly, this great area is not too well known, and there are also many misconceptions about the various cultures that have developed over the centuries.

I am not a specialist in these topics; I am a teacher who by an accident of birth became bilingual, fluent in both English and Spanish.

I am also a writer and a translator. 

My knowledge of Spanish America comes from my Chilean nationality; I have lived in the Southern Cone of the Americas all my life. I have no desire to live anywhere else. I will end my days here where I was born, quite a number of years ago.

The various Spanish speaking countries that are included in this area have their boundaries all set up, and these will show on any map you search.

But culture knows no boundaries, and the various great Empires of old cut across the modern boundaries. There are also several well defined areas that are united by their geographical characteristics. 

For instance, in South America we have the residual influence of the Inca Empire, combined with a specific geographic area, the high mountains of the Central Andes chain. So we speak of the Andean culture, the Andean textiles, the Andean languages and dialects.

The Andean culture includes the mountainous areas of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, the north of Chile and the northern area of Argentina. So this doesn’t refer to a specific country, but to parts of various countries.

For this reason and in order to provide some sort of organization to this Blog, I will classify my posts under two main titles:

It is possible that this subdivision won’t work perfectly. Where there is a lot of doubt, I will link the post up to the title that fits the best!

I should also point out that my posts will all be bilingual, written both in English and in Spanish. To help readers who wish to practice their language skills, I will also be adding a collection of well known expressions in both languages. These will appear at the end of each post.

So happy Blogging! I hope to see you on this trip with me! 

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