Beagle Channel in the Patagonia

Beagle Channel in the Patagonia

December 23, 2012


Hi there, welcome to my Blog.

Why did I choose this topic?

Basically because I live in one of the countries (Chile) and because I am bilingual, my languages are English and Spanish.

I can mange some French and some German, but only at a survival level, so my aim is to link my two strong languages.

And why would anyone write about Spanish America?  

The answer would be that there is so much to discover and learn about in this fascinating area of the world.

In my opinion, Spanish America has it all: a mysterious pre-history, several great ancient civilizations, a spectacular geography, a great cultural variety, abundant natural resources and a biodiversity that is astonishing!

Writing posts for this Blog will allow me to indulge in an absorbing activity, which hopefully will serve to draw the English speaking nations closer to the Spanish nations in the Americas.

There are also large numbers of persons who either want to practice Spanish, or conversely, want to practice English. This Blog can be useful for them.

Then there are those that strive to achieve a good rating on the International Tests of English as a Second Language, which are necessary when applying to various Universities all over the world. I refer to the well known TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and so on.

My Blog will have many articles that will serve as practice for those that intend to take the tests, and will provide helpful hints in that direction.

The bottom line is that I am very happy with my choice of topic!


Bienvenidos a mi Blog sobre América Hispana.

Los artículos sobre este tema abarcarán múltiples aspectos de esta gran área, tan fascinante!

América Hispana tiene de todo: una misteriosa prehistoria, varias impresionantes cultura antiguas, una geografía espectacular, una enorme variedad cultural, abundantes recursos naturales y una bio-diversidad asombrosa!

Estos artículos también pueden ser útiles para aquellas personas que aspiran a rendir los Tests Internacionales para ingresar a las Universidades extranjeras, me refiero a TOEIC, IELTS, GMAT y otros. Les servirán de práctica para la comprensión del inglés.


Words that go together!  * Responsible for - * Happy about - * Good at - * Make good progress
 - * Take an exam  (These sets of words are called collocations)


Expresiones de uso frecuente:  * Policía a la vista - * No hay nada que hacer - *Eso está por verse

How is your level of comprehension?     ¿Cómo está su nivel de comprensión?

Map of Spanish America

This image is provided by Wikipedia, author Heraldry, under GNU Free Documentation License. It shows the area of the Americas that includes Spanish speaking countries